Deepcool LS720 360mm White


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The DeepCool LS720 WH premium liquid CPU cooler maximizes cooling performance and low-noise efficiency with a 360mm radiator, three FC120 A-RGB PWM fans, and an infinity mirror cap design.


A New Era of DeepCool

Built on our 4th Generation high-performance water pump that maximizes cooling performance featuring:

1 Improved microchannel design

ensures optimal coolant flow.

2 Powerful three-phase drive

motor up to 3100 RPM.

3 Thick solid copper base

with a seamless match.


Cool and Quiet

Get treated to excellent cooling and superb silent efficiency with the included FC120 fans boasting enhanced static pressure, concentrated airflow, and a fluid dynamic bearings.

500~2250 RPM *

Dynamic PWM Range

85.85 CFM

Supreme Airflow

≤32.9 dB(A)

Full Load Noise

50,000 Hours

Long Operational Lifespan

Simple and Secure

Installation is quick and easy with newly designed mounting brackets that keep your cooler fastened safely on both Intel and AMD platforms.





Synchronize Your Setup with RGB lighting effects

Coordinate your colors through supported RGB software and motherboard synchronization to access control for different lighting effects. A default Auto-RGB rainbow effect is enabled when no controller is detected allowing limited functionality on motherboards without 5V A-RGB headers.

* 6 O’Clock mounting position is the official DeepCool recommended mounting method for optimal performance.

Technical Spec

Net Weight 1607 g

Radiator Dimensions 402×120×27 mm(L×W×H)

Radiator Material Aluminum

Tube length 410 mm(L×W×H)

Pump Dimensions 86×74×57 mm(L×W×H)

Pump Speed 3100 RPM±10%

Pump Noise 19 dB(A)

Pump Connector 3-pin

Pump Rated Voltage 12 VDC

Pump Rated Current 0.47 A

Pump Power Consumption 5.64 W

Fan Dimensions 120×120×25 mm(L×W×H)

Fan Speed 500~2250 RPM±10%

Fan Airflow 85.85 CFM

Fan Air Pressure 3.27 mmAq

Fan Noise ≤32.9 dB(A)

Fan Connector 4-pin PWM

Bearing Type Fluid Dynamic Bearing

Fan Rated Voltage 12 VDC

Fan Rated Current 0.29 A

Fan Power Consumption 3.48 W

LED Type Addressable RGB LED

LED Connector 3-pin(+5V-D-G)

LED Rated Voltage 5 VDC

LED Power Consumption 2.2 W(PUMP)/ 5.4 W(FAN×3)


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